i  was  born  today


twixt  melted  Wings  and  ocelots  Eyes

within  neon  Seas  which  flowed  from

a  translucent  Cocoon  now  ruptured  .  .  .

I  died  today

surrounded   yet   entirely   alone

left   to   the   natural   elements

atop   the   petals   of   this   Flower   .  .  .

the   only    home   i   would   ever   know

the   memories   of   my   months  and   Years

and    even   Centuries

of   existing   as   a  leaf  consuming   Caterpillar

erased   from   my   memory   Circuits

within   the   glazed   Absinthe   Walls

of   my   hidden   Metamorphosis    .    .    .

I    lived    today

atop    pastures   of   lavender

upon    a    bush    of     Infinite    Design

an   April   Wind   gusting   across  my   Wings

unable    to    fly    yet    in    my    mind    Flying

pirouetting    from    flower    to    glorious    Flower

in    a    pageantry    of    Colour    and    Air 

consigned    to    the    Earth    no    more   ---

Yet   consigned   to   this   Fate   was   I 

to   spend   a   lifetime   and   even   an   Eternity

amidst      the      lavender 

where   the   seconds   are   days

where   the   minutes   are   months

and   where   the   Hours   are   sometimes   decades   .   .   .

I    spread    my    wings    today

those   misshapen   and   ill - formed   wings 

the    only   Wings   I   would   ever   have   .  .  .

those   concave   tapestries   of    regal   Orange 

milkweed    White     and    Velvet    Black   

i     did      extend     within     the     morning      April      Air

and   never   being   able   to   fly   I   flew

and   never   being   able   to   sink   I   soared

and   never   being   able   to  conquer   Death    I   was   Reborn 

for   today   I   am   a   butterfly  .  .  .  . 

.   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .