to empty into twin spiraling galactic waterfalls

 roaring thru the great nothingness

achieving light and color amidst the Void

  as a glowing artery pulsing thru dark caverns

within the bends of our Delphian tabernacles . . .

  with light coursing across our bodies

as twin Oceans straddling the center of the Earth

  or as a caldera Lake held tranquil over its Volcanic Core ---

were our hearts


to comprehend, fully

the fragility of  time

the permanence of the present

the dimming of all past

the faint  glimmer of all future

as two undulating urchins of the sea

floating in cadence to an underwater cortege

of amethyst kelps and refulgent sea horses

towards a glowing multi-tiered Metropolis buzzing under the sun

a beehive cradling  a  lunar  heartbeat

a  great  Clock  encircling  the  Eternal  Om

as  twin  spiraling  galactic  Waterfalls

        emptying  the  eternity  within  our  hearts   .   .   .