on the frozen tips of siamese temples

at the bottom of the hourglass

with the faint majestic glow of every dawn

under the spell of each quixotic heartbeat

against the tide

in the moment of midnight solitude

within the deepest truest self

where all pasts and all futures

are merged in one enrapturing vision

a revelation felt to the core of one's existence

a  kaleidoscopic  eruption

of  magenta  skies  and  absinthe  clouds 

and  an  Iridescent  double  rainbow  swimming

nakedly  in  the  Midst  of  the  Firmament

as  an  Inverse  to  the  yawning  Blackness

and  the  spiraling  Infinities  of  Time

Thus  flies  the  hummingbird  within  my  heart

her  northern  Lights  oscillating  within  my  breast

an  Alien  seed  created  within  my  soul

forever  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .