on the nature of time ii

   To understand the second dimension of Time, we must

  understand the rare condition in which it can occur, 

which is the birthing or the ending of a Universe, as in 

 the Big Bang and the Great Collapse.

     it is here,  at these rare singularity Events,  that

  "everything"  that was, is and shall be of this Universe

  ( being translated into pure Energy and Light )

  enters the second dimension of Time  -  the depth of

  time  -  and is funneled "backwards" ( in regards to the 

  arrow or direction of Time as we experience it ) ; 

  parallel to our universe,  but in an opposite direction

  of Time.

         Imagine  two  great  oak  Trees,  some distance 

  apart from one another, with a narrow pathway which

  runs directly between the two,  and that this pathway

  represents the entire history of this Universe  ( past, 

  present, and distant future ) .   At one great oak the

  Big Bang Event occurs,  while at the other great oak 

  occurs the Great Collapse Event  (of this Universe in 

  distant time future collapsing into a singularity of zero

  volume and infinite mass).  

   It is my belief that, in a near-perfect physical model of 

  this Universe with these two great oak Trees, the roots

 of the second Oak Tree would go straight downwards 

  before running in a perfect line under the pathway all 

 the way to  the first Oak , with the roots of the

 second Oak becoming in effect the invisible roots

 of the first Oak .  The surface of the Earth would

 represent the linear (to us) dimension of Time, with the

 roots of the Oak Trees entering  the second dimension,

  or depth , of Time.

   This physical model, if correct, could explain a universe

 that would contract into a singularity at the instant that

 it stops its forward march upon Time, coursing

  "backwards"  underneath the pathway, as pure Energy

  and light. If there were only one dimension of Time, the

  Universe coursing "in reverse" would annihilate itself,
  including the present and all of the past ( similar to two 

  cars on a one-lane highway driving into each other at 

  full speed, annihilating each other ).  An overly 

  simplistic analogy, nevertheless with the second 

  dimension of Time, the post-great collapse universe

  could course "underneath" the pathway ,  as a one-way

  highway which tunnels underneath the first highway

  to allow both cars to drive at full speed on their

 respective highways, one above ground, one below. 


    It is possible (but by no means measurable in scientific

 terms ) that this "inverse" universe (which exists as pure

 Energy moving in a direction parallel but opposite to our 

 direction of Time, within the depth of time) could affect

  the very properties of physics as we experience them in

 the Universe.  It could indeed be possible that properties

 such as "gravity" and "the speed of light" are the direct

 resultant of this "inverse" universe (which is our own

 future universe) not interacting with but informing our

 universe and its physical properties along its entire 

 length (big bang to great collapse). 

   It is also a possibility that the movement of these

 singularity Events into the second dimension of Time

 are elliptical in shape (within the Z-axis of Time).  Thus,

 with a vantage point above the pathway connecting the

 two great Oaks,the universe in collapsing to a singularity

 would appear to slowly stop and hover before going

 backwards along the X-axis of Time.  In charting the 

 movements of the rising Sun, the ancients noticed that

 around the winter Solstice the Sun would appear to

 hover around its most southern point on the horizon 

 for many days before beginning to move northward; this 

 would be an analogous movement but with respect to 

 time itself.  .   .     .        .             .                      .