on the nature of time


             Before Copernicus and Galileo, it was held as truth in 

the Western World that it was the Sun which revolved around

the Earth, largely because that was how we as humans

observed it.   The belief that the earth was flat resulted

similarly from a homocentric worldview, our eyesight against

 the immense volume of the Earth.   It should thus come as no

 surprise that the possibility of a second dimension of time

remains largely unexplored due to the fact that we experience

time in only one dimension  ( and one direction at that ) .  The 

following is a proposal that time has not one dimension but two,

and that this second dimension of time is vital in understanding 

 the cyclical nature of the Universe (on large scales of Time), 

the Big Bang and Great Collapse events, as well as esoteric 

 physics dilemnas  such as  dark energy , dark matter  and 

 particle  entanglement . .  .     .        .             .                      .