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interlude  I :  the  complex  &  amazingly  rare

Courtship  Dance  of  the  Mirror  octopus

deep  within  the  oceans  

most  forlorn  to  the  light  of  the  Sun

( the  Mariana  Trench,  the  Mindanao  Deep, 

and  a  small  region  south  of  Easter  Island  )

there  existed, in  the  late  Ordovician  Period,

an  octopus  so  completely  transparent

that  it  passed  most  of  its  existence  utterly  invisible

to  predator  and  prey  alike

yet  in  the  complex  and  amazingly  Rare  Courtship  Dance

of  a  female  Mirror  Octopus  with  a  male,

their  skin  transformed  into  the  most  magical

mirrorlike  Obsidian

a  blackness  which  shone  and  reflected  everything

in  its  immediate  vicinity  to  a  few  meters

and  thus  they  were  able  to  see  their  Mate

and  Themselves  in  the  reflection . . .

Indeed,  it  is  the  author's  humble  opinion that

in  all  the  breadth  of  observable  Nature

reaching  to  the  uttermost  Ends  of  the  Universe,

there  is  not  a  Transformation  so  poetically  Miraculous

as  this  octopus,

having  been  seen  thru  its  entire  Life

now  becoming  Visible  to  the  World

 by  virtue  of  encountering  its  other  Self,

and  that  it  is  only  in  this  Reflection  emanating

from  his  or  her  Lover

that  the  True  Self  is  finally  Seen  

for  the  very  First  Time  .  .  .

And  this  was  not  even  the  most  visually  stunning

portion  of  the  Courtship  Dance  of  the  Mirror  Octopus,

for  the  Female,  upon  Touching  the  ends  of  her  Tentacles

with  the  ends  of  the  Male,

began  to  develop  two  small  concentric  Rings

encircling  her  Mouth  

which  emerged  from  the  blackness  of  her  Skin

into  two  undulating  Rainbows

which  contained  the  entire  Spectrum  of  colour,

even  a  Double  Rainbow  all  across  the  Sky

of  her  pre Dawn  Body

which, as  the  Courtship  Dance  continued,

melted  away  the  obsidian  Hues

until  Her  Entire  Body  

was  One

Amazingly  Vibrant  Glowing  Rainbow

which  descended  gradually  from  the  Tips  of  her  Tentacles

and  into  the  Tentacles  of  the  Male

( for  the  Male  generally  courted  upside - down )

until  the  Male  was  now  full  of  colour  with  the  Rainbow

passing  completely  out  of  the  Female   ( as  if  only

one  Rainbow  could  be  shared  between  them )

and  then  gathering  into  Two  concentric  Rings

around  the  Mouth  of  the  Male, 

the  colour  melted  into  Night

and  the  two  Mirror  Octopus  Lovers

were  Obsidian  once  more,

and  still  conjoined 

would  descend  slowly  thru  the  Darkness

amidst  a  constellation  of  Euripidian  sea  butterflies

( which  would  spiral  around  the  lovers  in  tight  arcs

vaguely  resembling  

the  combination  of  a  swarm  of  phosphorescent  orocerulean  macaws

merged  with  an  elongated  double  helix )

and  after  a  time

the  phosphorescent  Lights  could  be  seen  from  Afar

to  pulse  in  delicate  rhythms


as  an  underwater  Heartbeat

exploding  and  frozen  in  the  plasmas  of  Time

moving  to  the  hypnotic  sounds  of  Silence

at  the  bottom  of  the  Sea  .  .  .