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within  this  Grove  of  the  Dead 

within  this  hypnotically  Enlightened  Union 

the  White  One  and  the  Sacred  Plant

would  exchange  Intelligence  and  Wisdom

the  White  One  becoming  the  Eyes  of  the  Sacred  Plant 

the  Sacred  Plant  becoming  the  Heart 

yet  more  than  this  ---

each  Gave  to  the  Other  of  its  very  Essence 

the  White  One  submitting  to  the  Plant  as  her  Teacher 

the  Sacred  Plant  submitting  to  the  White  One  as  her  Voice

and  thus  the  Two  would  become  One  in  this  Dance 

which  was  called  the  Dance  of  the  Ancients 

( so  named  as  the  ritual , although  infrequent,

had  a  long  history  between  the  White  Ones  and  the

Sacred  Plant  going  back  many  thousands  of  Years 

even  tens  of  thousands  of  Years, 

as  well  as  the  fact  that  this  incredible  Display

was  viewed  only  by  the  Nine  Ancients 

( who  were  incidentally  the  second  of  the  four  subspecies

of  this  Octopus, the  White  One  being  the  First ) . . .

The  Nine  Ancients

( so  named  due  to  their  exceedingly  long  lifespan  for  an  

octopus,  some  living  as  long  as  243  earth  Years )

were  a  Sumptuously  skinned  ( royal  Burgandy  in  colour ,

if  one  can  Imagine  the  merging  of  pageant  yellow

with  the  plum  reds  found  within  some  Chilean  wines )

muscularly  lean  panther  of  an  octopus  ---

catlike  in  the  elegant  Stealth

with  which  they  seemed  to  Ripple  thru  the  waterways,

as  well  as  their  remarkable  Bravery  and  Ingenuity 

when  confronted  with  Predators . . .

Unusual  about  them  was  a  single,  humanlike  breast

which  protruded  from  the  side  of  their  Head,

with  a  large ,  salmon  coloured  nipple ;

above  and  to  the  side  of  this  Breast  was  a  small,

cylindrical  breathing  Tube,  pearloid  on  the  inside,

unique  also  to  the  Ancients  .  .  .

the  exact  Purpose  of  both  this  Breast

and  the  cylindrical  breathing  Tube  were  unknown

to  the  other  subspecies  save  the  White  One

( as  octopuses  are  not  mammals  and  thus 

do  not  need  breasts  to  feed  their  young ,

nor  is  a  breathing  Tube  of  this  size  and  shape

a  normal  part  of  an  octopus's  anatomy )  .  .  .