to  attempt  to  Describe  this  Plant  in  greater  detail

would  be  an  Injustice  both  to  the  Incomparable  Beauty

of   the   Plant  

and  to  the  English  language,

which  has  no  means  thru  vocabulary  or  sentence  structure

to  create  in  the  minds  of  modern  Homo  Sapiens

the  indelible  visual  Tapestry  that  this  Plant  produced

( perhaps  in  a  future  Work  the  author

will  attempt  to  convey  a  faint  Glimmer  of  the  Majesty  of

this  Plant,  much  as  the  static  two  dimensional  depictions

of  animal  life  within  le  Cave  de  Lascaux  can  only  be 

an  introductory  or  symbolic  approximation  to  the  Wonder

of  the  living  Wild  Beast )  .  .  .

yet  it  must  be  said  here  that,

in  exact  Conjunction  with  the  Arrival  of  the  White  One

to  the  Grove  of  the  Dead,

there  would  be  an  equally  rare  Flowering

of  the  most  exquisitely  royal  blue  five - petaled  flower

( this  being  not  the  flower  of  the  terrestrial  world,

but  with  the  texture  and  appearance  of  a  sea  urchin

crossed  with  a  rose, 

with  the  petals  curving  pointed  at  the  ends

and  an  aura  encircling  them  reminiscent  of  the  White  One ) ...

Thus,  at  this  flowering  within  the  Grove  of  the  Dead,

( so  named  because  it  was  here  that  the  bodies

of  the  White  Ones  were  buried,  and  from  whose  remains

that  these  Plants  were  able  to  grow ;  indeed,  it  has  been

speculated  by  the  author  that  the  abundant  brain  matter

of  the  White  Ones  in  the  soil  is  what  allowed  this  Plant

to  grow  under  such  conditions,

or  perhaps  to  exist  at  all )

the  White  One  intertwined  her  Body

in  the  most  mathematically  impossible  Ways

with  this  Iridescently  Magnificent  Plant,

her  Tentacles  winding  spiral  Staircases  around

these  vegetative  Fireworks 

her  Heart  beating  in  rhythm

with  the  complex  pulsating  changes  in  colour

undergone  by  the  entire  Plant

as  every  fiber  of  this  organism  twitched

in  Technicolor  fantasy,

as  if  moving  in  concert

with  an  unseen  underwater  orchestra

as  if  floating  in  the  nebulous  Regions

where  two  Minds  meet

or  exploding  into  a  new  Reality

of  lighthouse  seahorses

and  rainbow  whales

of  electric  kelp  parades

and   kaleidoscopic   Eels

where  Nature's  canopy  ( that  is,  the  surface  of  the  Ocean

as  viewed  by  this  species  of  octopus,

in  the  way  that  ancient  humans  viewed  the  Stars  in  the  Sky

as  the  Gateway  to  another  Realm,

as  an  ever  Changing  and  ever  Wonderful

Dance  of  magic  and  Light )

was  understood  and  thought  Thru,

that  is,  

the  single  Mind  of  this  Octopus  and  the  sacred  Plant,

joined  Together  in  a  cosmic  Merging,

felt  thru  the  physical  Barrier  of  the  World  of  Light

and  the  World  of  Darkness,

beyond  black  and  white

beyond  good  and  evil

into  a  Conceptualizing  of  the  Totality  of  all  Things 

a  Realization  of  the  mysterious  which  flickers

thru  every  Atom  of  space

a  Consciousness  of  the  Harmony  Inherent  in  all  Things

of  the   great  Unifying   Frequency

which  could  be  felt  and  heard  

thru  all  far  reaches  of  the  Universe   .   .   .