before  the  


within  the  yolk  drenched  dawnings  of  Time

when  Evolution  had  not  yet  dealt  the  Death  Blow

to   Invertebrates

by  making  the  Calcified  Skull  supreme

there  existed  a  rare  Species  of  Octopus

  in  the  regions  of  what  are  now  the  South  Pacific, 

 that  had  evolved  over  Millennia  and  indeed  

Millions  of   Earth  years

from  a  cephalopod  ancestral  to  both  this  

and  the  present  day  
Octopus  in  all  Her  flavors,

to   attain   an  

 unmarked  by  human  

indeed  unquantifiable  by  the  Measure  of  Man .  .  .

having   no   skull

to   house  and  protect  its  Brain

this   Magnificent   Creature   of  the   Sea

had  evolved   much  as  the  modern  day  Honeybee

into   four  highly  specialized   Subspecies

which  worked  in  synergistic  Rhythms
  with  each  Other

to   form   a  community  which  acted   as   one  Whole ...

   I. v  

 deep   within   a   spherical   Cocoon

made   of   many   Hundreds   of   Thousands

of   glittering   Stones

( stones   chosen   from   amongst   the   vast   Ocean   floors

for   their   Beauty   and   arranged   into   a   latticework

of   intricate   Variation   using   the   Sap

of   a   now  extinct   underwater   Vine,

 much   like   the   crossing   between   a   Mediterranean

Olive   Tree   and   the   giant  Kelp   as  found   within

the  waters  near  New  Zealand's  Eastern  borders )

there   lived   the   White   One

( so   named   by   the   author,   as   the   Octopuses   of   this

Species   had   no   written   or   verbal   language ;  

the   White   Subterranean  Queen   was   also   considered   as   a

title   for  this   Rare   creature,  but   as  such   a  high  level

of   Equivalence  was  felt  by  Her  towards  the  others  of  Her  Species, 

that   any   terms  of  royalty  were  felt  as  misleading,

at  least  from  the  outset )

whose   skin  had  a  soft  otherworldly   Aura,

a  faint  glow  like  that  surrounding  the  characters

of  a  1920s  French  silent  film

a   Glow   which   seemed   to   extend

beyond   the   borders   of   Her   Skin

   and   into   the   waters   immediately   surrounding

which  followed   Her   every  movement

  as   an   undulating   body   Halo

  or  as  Stars  exploding  in  slow - motion  from  within  .  .  .