deep within the darkest forest

  amid twirling twilights and violets vapors

                          he lies
                                      upon an earthen mound

  stripped of the honor of men

  stripped of breath

        submerged in an eternal slumber

                              his eyes closed

        scanning the inward horizons

                         for the skeletal ferryman

  to transport his soul over Hell's waters

  through devils thickets

                               and Hades' swamps

                   to  a  land  of  numbness

    where blinding light shears the skin

    where the greys of life are dispelled

               into sharp black and white

     where  a  child  lies  within  Lucifer's  mouth

                   heaven  is  a  mirage

                    hell  is  a  dream

                   death  is  an  awakening

   and thus the prince waits

   deep within the darkest forest